Whole Beast Butchery – The Sheep

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Sunday: 3 pm - Sunday: 7 pm



Feeding your families with meat and produce from your yard or a small local farm is the ultimate goal for many of us. To help you reach that goal, Paul Vossler, of Whole Foods Santa Rosa, will guide a small group through the ins and outs of breaking down and  butchering a whole sheep (yes, mutton!).

This is a very hands on class, so come prepared to cut. There will be two sheep on hand, Paul will work through the process of breaking down and turing one animal into retail cuts. At the conclusion of his demonstration, Paul will guide the group in butchering the second animal. Each student will get hands-on experience and guidance sufficient to go home and butcher his/her own animal or partial animal with knowledge and confidence.

Mutton or lamb?…For us at GrowKitchen it’s mutton, every time!

Once you’ve tasted proper mutton (spiked with garlic, peppered with crushed rosemary, and served hot off the grill) you’ll begin to wonder why anyone bothers with lamb at all! Sadly, though, mutton seems to have a poor reputation, but properly reared mutton is an amazingly delicious and sustainable product.  Admittedly it may be fatty for modern tastes, but the very fact that you’re opting for a degree of self-sufficiency, trying to produce or acquire your own food locally and traditionally, on limited acreage with limited environmental impact, implies that your tastes aren’t very modern anyway!………Give it a try!

After the work is done, you will get a chance to taste a variety of cuts prepared over an open fire.

This class is limited to 12 participants.


$100 per person