An Introduction to Morning Pastries

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Thursday: 7 pm - Thursday: 9 pm


Baking is frightening for many people, they think they need the perfect recipe and must follow it exactly. There are limitless ways to be creative and adaptable. In this class, you will learn the basic skills needed to make two types of dough that can be used to create a variety of baked goods. The first is a flaky, chemically leavened dough used to make sweet scones, savory scones, biscuits, shortbreads, cobblers and cinnamon rolls. The second dough is a basic enriched yeasted dough, like a “poor-man’s brioche”, used to make dinner rolls, burger buns, cinnamon rolls, knots, pastry crusts, etc…….the possibilities are almost endless.
Come join local baker, Rosmary Winter, for a fun and informative evening of baking and tasting
$49 per person